Pan-Moralism in China

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Pan-Moralism, or the tendency to see every matter as a matter of moral issue (Taliban style of thinking); is a necessary component of all dictatorship in China and oversea. Through Chinese history, almost all dynasty label itself moral through extensive application of Confucius’s idea of a moral society. Aide by Confucian scholar, any idea of revolting against the ‘moral society’ controlled by a moral emperor is itself immoral. Thereby curb any cause of rebellion at its roots.
Since dictatorship often lack legitimacy confer by constitution or democratic process, therefore it must heavily rely on supernatural power most feared, and moral framework accepted by majority of the ruled population. And the marriage of political power with moral authority could easily led to Ultra-Moralism. i.e. Use moral as a ruler to measure everything.
In their mind, The Universe is existence for the sake of upholding morality of its people, therefore those who are in power must be moral, and those who are moral should be in power. Morality is power.
The recent event of leaked photo of celebrity has symbolically shaken the operation of Ultra-moralism as the foundation of ideology in post-colonial Hong Kong government. In the mind of Chinese living in Hong Kong, HKSARG has its mandate from heaven because it function as an example of moral behavior. Now those who supported government the most are having a scandal, then the government is seen as aiding the immoral to cover up their immorality. It thus create a crisis of legitimacy.


2 Responses to Pan-Moralism in China

  1. […] am truly disappointed at the way he apologize for the scandal, now I seen him as submitted to the Pan-Moralism promoted by Christian Right like Society of Truth of Light, yet utilize the weapon of copyright to […]

  2. […] they are doing so, they have forgotten that celebrity has a responsibility to act as a role model. Pan-Moralism is only a tool they utilize to increase their popularity, not a moral philosophy they firmly adhere […]


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