Defending Public interest in the recent scandal

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Hong Kong has been embroiled in the scandal initially caused by leaked photos of ‘immoral’ act of celebrity. Those photo cause quite a public uproar of the hypocritical behavior of few celebrity. Then they try to use copyright and privacy as an excuse to remove the damaging photos from the public domain. They argue those picture are their private life, not a public affair. Is that really the case?
I think they are intentionally avoiding the real issue of local celebrities habitually using indecency as excuse to assault on freedom of information in press media(in collaboration with Christian Right like Society of Truth and Light and Pro-Beijing political parties), especially the Next Media Group. The only media corporation banned from enter into China because of its open endorsement of Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong.
One of the character in the photo, Gill has asked for a boycott of Next Magazine after an event which indecent picture of her undressing is published, it is pursued fervently by Christian right like of Society of Truth and Light, as well as the biggest Pro-Beijing political party: Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong.
When are complains made? They are made when Mr. Chan is photographing having sex with Gillian, which is the theme of the recent celebrity-political-moral scandal. So a hypocritical celebrity has nothing against photoing sexually explicitly photos? She only indecency to wage her personal war against a known defender of Freedom, Democracy, Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong. She want to ensure that the Pro-Democratic political parties will NOT have any publishing media sympathize with their positions in public issue. That is to weaken them politically. That is for the political purpose of changing the result of local election, so Hong Kong could adopt a ‘Singapore’ style of autocratic ‘democracy’ in 2017.
Now please tell me in what way that is NOT about public interest? The hacker who publish the photo is the HERO of the people, and rightly deserve the title. During French revolution, Gillian, such a traitor of people could be hanged for ‘The crime against the people’, or ‘Counter-revolutionary’.


3 Responses to Defending Public interest in the recent scandal

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