A Taoist Philosophy story

> > This is story from a book I am reading:
> Philosophy of Cl.
> > There is a hunter from country X who see a deer while he is chopping wood. Therefore he hunt down the deer. However, because he is afraid of that being
> >known, so he hide the deer in a secret place. Being so secret that he quickly forgot where he hid the deer.
> >He thought he must be having a dream about catching a deer. Someone else, however, overheard what the hunter said in his way to home. Following that direction,
> he >has located the deer. He said to his wife: ‘Some wood chopper just hunted a deer, but he has forgotten where that was. I then found his lost deer. Is he really
> >dreaming?’
> > His wife reply: ‘I thought it must be you who was dreaming about a wood chopper who caught a deer. In reality there is no wood chopper. Just what you dream has become real.’ To that he further reply: ‘Since I already got the deer, who care whether it is his dream or my dream?’
> > The wood chopper doesn’t forgot that deer. In that night he has a dream about someone who has stolen the deer he hunted. Next day he follow the lead from
> the dream, and he found the deer and that person exactly as the dream descript to him.
> > He sue that person ‘stolen his personal property’. However, the court official reply: ‘At the beginning when you really hunted down the deer, you thought you are only dreaming; then when you dream, you thought it is real. And you are fighting the deer he got; in which his wife thought he got the deer from his dream, so nobody got this deer first. Therefore I will split this deer into half.’
> > The king has overheard this story, comments: ‘I don’t know if that really was that official dreaming about making a judgement of splitting the deer’.
> > One high-ranking official reply:’ Dreaming or not, I can’t distinguish. If you want to know whether it is a dream or not, I will have to ask Confucian or The
Great Emperor, but now they are dead. Who can tell now? I thought we should just follow the advise from that official.’

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