The happenings in Hong Kong

> Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2004 3:55 PM

> This is an update of the my last e-mail concerning the happening in Hong Kong.
> The Link has exploded into a political event, not surprisingly. The Link is originally part of larger part of privatization of government-owned property.
> After two success in blocking legal challenge by withdrawing legal aid for the case against the government, the district court deal a heavy blow to its plan of listed in stock on Monday, the Higher Court granted that the challenger has an unalienable right to an appeal period of 28 days, i.e. The challenger could severely disrupt the government’s
> plan of listed the stock at Monday by simply delay her decision to appeal this case. WITHOUT paying a HUGH legal fee. (Which is what deter the other from appealing at the first place)
> The Link is the privatization of property originally managed by Housing Council, who oversee all public estate and its accessories like shopping mall or car park. The Housing Council is currently in debt. So one way to get out of debt is by selling the ownership of its asset to private company. For these who want an investment opportunity, it is dot com craze yet again since its portray as gold is falling from the sky;
> For the ultra-small enterprise this is NOT a good news since their rental condition is now subject to the dude force of stock market fluctuation and the unforgiving FREE market, which may led to further monopolization. i.e. The Rich now have a handle
> weapon to destory their ultra-small budding competitor by increase their expense (raising the rent). What I is seen is yet another attempt by HKSARG to tilting the
> ground to the favor of the RICH and powerful(read Multinational enterprise).
> However, unlike the last victory of people power, this time the people is NOT on the side of weak and thinking about fair and justice. This time, the majority of HK citizen(and a lot of them own this stock), fight along with the HKSARG to stop this
> nuisance. From the media to political realm, almost EVERYONE is siding with the HKSAR and capitalist.
> The Majority of HK newspaper only brother to list the accusation of troublemaking WITHOUT almost no space for the concern and rationale behind this legal challenge. The biggest sin the challenger have committed is ‘blocking people from turning a huge profit in one night’, or so in their theory. What have HK society had become?
> At the beginning of privatization, there are many concern about the treatment of worker by private cooperation. Gradually, the public come into terms that US$1/hr is a fair price for salary. Now seeing an opportunity to ‘make themselves rich in one night’, they even forgot to consider that this scheme would eventually affect the stock holder in the capacity as a citizen. Do we have that much faith in believing FREE MARKET must necessarily translate to a more efficient usage of resource? Even if we granted that, does a more efficient usage of resource meant a fairer distribution of wealth, a better society of all of us?
> A better society not of producing more wealth for the minority of stake holder, but a society with a higher level of satisfactions of all its members? I think we are going down the trend of fascism, a nation incorporated!
> I am the minority in this case, I am granted that I am NOT a generalized HK people this time. The Majority could be wrong, the minority could be right.
> Damn this greedy society!



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