An idea concerning education

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Subject: An idea concerning education

Hello the diligent public servants of HKSARG,
I am Euler Cheung, a HK citizen. I would like to
provide my thoughts on how to transform HK into a
global knowledge city. My suggestion is that in order
to encourage self-motivated learning, we must look
beyond the school for people not just assimilate
knowledge, but to PRODUCE knowledge on their own,
otherwise we will always lag behind other ‘advance
country’. How to effectively motivate knowledge making
I suggest to found a Public Scholar Foundation, an
independent body nominate by public and funded by
HKSARG. The function of this foundation is to run
programs like Public Scholarship Grant, that encourage
people to do research on their own. Anyone could pick
a topic of interest, and do his/her own research at
their own pace, then submit his/her result to the
committee. The committee would then provide guideline
for the PUBLIC OPENLY examine the RELEVANCE,
USEFULNESS and ACCURACY of his/her finding. If it is
found to be satisfactory, this body will compensate
the all the expense by that individual and title of
Public Scholar (a.k.a Qualification for Contact
Researcher). That individual, however, agree to
release all knowledge into Public domain IMMEDIATELY.
I believe this model would facilitate the
production, assimilation and evaluation of knowledge.
That would brought a climate of knowledge into our
society. Plus, that would be a MORE COST EFFECTIVE way
as we no longer need education institute officials.




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