Stop making 10A student a news

Hello Sir,
Please refrain to act like other braindead media by making 10A result of HKCEE a news. This is for the consideration of the effect of such a headline. Since 1997, HK Dept of Education constantly promote the idea of ‘Study not for the sake of score, Study is for the sake of understanding’. However, all media continue to propaganda a myth of 10A student by making them headline at tomorrow. What sense does it make?
Does it mean our society is operate largely because of the contribution of these academic achiever? Does our society become better because of them? Does it mean those academic achiever would then on the fast track to become rich, successful in the future? Does any media ever follow up on these one time achiever?
This has encourage the intellectual pragmatism: It is no longer necessary to learn the truth, but produce what get me an A. Intellectual integrity and deeper understanding of the subject is
deeply discourage. They are the antithesis of guy like Stephen Hawking, Chan Yiu Hu. When we have more of the 10A student, we have lesser chance of produce any of them.
Please, for the good conscience, stop damaging the intellectual future of Hong Kong!

Concerned Citizen



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