About competition shows in TVB

November 14, 2007

Hello Sir,

It appears that since the Great Depression of 2003 in HKSAR, there are many competition shows in TVB which the prize is awarded to their own actor/actress. Since it is stated in the beginning of those shows a real prize is awarded, does it constitute outright deception of audience(when the reality there is no prize awarded to anyone)? The audience is led to believe prize is awarded, but the prize is never awarded on stages, and there is no way the audience can tell if the ownership of prize is transferred in according to the competition. I believe that TVB should make it clear that either the whole thing is just a show(not competition nor real sponsorship at all), and no real transaction is involved; or the show is a real competition, and real transaction is involved. Whether the prize is awarded or not would definitely affect how audience perceive a TV show, also whether a sponsorship is real or not would affect the neutrality of the show.
What’s TELA’s position on this issue?

A citizen




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