Beyond Numerology

Oct 22, 2007 10:16 AM

It is known that the head of Burmese dictatorship is deeply ingrained with ideas of numerology, i.e. they believe that the number 9 is good for them somehow. However, it is obvious that merely a number itself is inadequate to describe the intricacies and complexities of life. Moreover, all form of mystical tradition must obtain a higher principle. As the Earth is transit to the Age of Aquarius, the mega-trend is ‘To be humane to other’, which all other form of New Age belief must be precede by it. Therefore regardless how hard this dictatorship working toward solidify its grape on political power, it is a losing game to the them(because they wishfully ignore the mega-trend.) They thought that a local wishes of few greedy mind could overrule the massive desire of openness and democratization, how could that be possible at all? (Also given they are against practicing monk whose heart is trained to be golden, compare with corrupted and selfish mind of few.)
No one live forever, no one rule forever. The only eternity is change.



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