An analogy between states of matter and magnetism

Solid which every atom has a fixed partner; All mini-poles align in the same direction, and those mini-poles bonded together remain ‘forever’ in this state;(Permanent magnet)
Liquid which every molecule constantly exchange partner; All mini-poles continue to have at least one bonded partner align in the same direction, but each poles continually change their bond partner(s);(Weak and instantaneous magnetic pole)
Gas which every molecule is completely free of any partner at all; each mini-poles acting completely on its own without forming any bonded partner align in the same direction(Almost no magnetism detected), which is very unlikely in the case of metal since the mini-poles are very close to each other and Magnetism tend to be a strong influence.
This is the point to start investigation of the Magnetism phenomena itself.

(An analogy to society with states of matter would be interesting.)



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