Why water molecule would bounce magnetic flux?

Oct 10, 2007 1:53 PM  
  subject   Why water molecule would bounce magnetic flux?

The key is the covalent bonding between 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen. The 2 electrons are shared between 3 atom, i.e. it is tightly held by protons of 3 atom, it is possible that this pair of electrons can’t spin freely as other electrons in the atom(or it spin in such a way that the magnetic flux is dissipated). Since the molecules are always in rotation, whatever the side of covalently held electrons is facing the source of magnetic flux directly, the effect of ‘bouncing’ off the magnetic flux( i.e. non-interaction with the magnetic source) would be seen. Conversely, when other pair of electrons in H20 molecule is facing the source of magnetic flux, such thing do not happen. And the magnetic flux can at least passing through these pair of electrons easily(until it reach that pair of electrons).
So to verify this hypothesis, we just need to find out all molecules that has the covalent bond which a pair of electron is shared between at least 3 atoms, and see if it has an bouncing off effect toward the magnetic flux. This phenomena is interesting in the sense that telling us about the nature of magnetic flux. It is also interesting to notice that most organism has a large quantity of water molecules, maybe to deter the effect of magnetism in the body?





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