Why USA should liberate Burma?

Oct 6, 2007 7:34 PM
subject Why USA should liberate Burma?

1. Of a righteous cause, the humanity as now can not tolerate this kind of brutality. The complete defiance from the regulation of UN is unacceptable to any country.It should set as an example to all dictatorship or dictator-want-to-be(like Russia). It is more of a moral obligation.

2. To shaken the existing communist dictatorships like China, North Korea, Laos, Cuba; the cold war is not over until the world embrace free market and democracy. The effect of a democratic neighbor is much greater than any BBC broadcast.

3. To rescue the argument of ‘interventionism’, i.e. US can intervene at the time when there is a serious humanitarian crisis, and war could be an effective means for a good ends. China WILL not risk war with USA since it doesn’t want to lose the publicity war. US has the moral upper hand(if it haven’t lost all during the invasion of Iraq: the ONLY republics in Middle East).

4. To boost the Republican image, there is currently nothing it can do to win the next president election.(If the current trend continue, Republican probably lost the coming election.) This is to open a new front of publicity war, and to strike at the weakness of the rival. People are tired of Republican keep playing the moral card, you got have something new and better.

5. To secure the regional interest for USA. Burma has rich oil and natural resource(outlet to the sea), and is the backbone of China’s progress.(i.e. China exploit the Burmese for their own gain.) Once USA has set a footstep in there, China can no longer be a threat to regional stability(Taiwan/Tibet/Southern islands/Vietnam/N.K.) This is to limit the ‘bad influence’ of China in the region(China is actively promoting the value that ‘Development is more important than human life, and corruption could be a means to do business’.) Took off the tooth of a lion before it bite you.

6. Burma will be easy victory, and easier pick-up after the war. With good Psychological tactics, Burma can not last longer than a month(the fastest being a week, if sufficient resource is deployed.) Iraqi require a dictatorship to held the warring fractions together, but Burma already has religion and political organization to replace the existing dictatorship.

I as a Chinese, can’t stand that our prosperity base on a National Terrorist(terrorism against it own people).





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