Mixed Model of Life/Fate(轉世)

Oct 2, 2007 1:24 AM

Hello Sir,
My thought on reincarnation:
There are usually 2 models of life and fate in popular interpretation of Eastern/Oriental culture.
1 is the model of meaning-driven evolution, i.e. each life seek to resolve a major question. If the person succeed, s/he reincarnate in next life to resolve another. (Maybe not 1 per life, but the total number of them is fixed. We also assume the soul carry the ‘credit’ from last life.)
2 is the model of causality, i.e. what we start in one life would receive in another life. The person’s task is to close all the opened causality links without adding new starting. (This model overlook the possibility that all life’s are linked organically, from Seth’s book.)

3 is the model I just develop, I call it meaning-level evolution. In this perspective we divide the questions of life in different levels, one can only resolve a higher level question when s/he manage to resolve a lower one. i.e. The lower one are necessary condition for the higher one. As we progress, the rationality-frame-imposed on us are lessen, until at the end we are free of all the chains. For instance, if one can break out of the character-prison in one life, then in the next life s/he have to break out the framework behind the character-prison, and in the next next life s/he have to break out the framework which create the framework behind the character-prison.
(無明亦無無明) Wisdom is the only way out.
My mixed model is that all 3 models are taking place in the same time, and they are not independent from each other. Life is a complex game.






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