A cure for inventiveness

This is just my comment on something I overheard.
In last Friday there is a documentary on Hyperactive Mind in News
Digest in TVB. Accordingly, it is a disease of the mind which would
compel the individual to over-think, and the individual is likely to
be very egocentric and hold very strong opinion on issue. Like many
other social ‘issue’, medical community have ready-have solution for
this poor fellow. And they also have documented a case of successful
Now, we understand, mediocrity is not a problem, being genius is.
The modern society thrive on the premise that no great thing could
happen, and every man is average man living and average life. No one
should wish for better, nor thinking outside the box. Nobody is better
than anyone. Nobody should be too certain about anything. And that TV
program demonstrate clearly the direct consequence of this modern
mindset. It just demonstrate how pathetic is our society embracing
medical community as the solution to all problem, and let the
prevailing ideology of that community slip in without checking.
Why must that programme be wrong? Isn’t that APS expanding their
DSM-IV every year, and even Disobedience is counted as a medical
If we follow the advise of that program, shouldn’t we make it
compulsory to check for any sign of this disease before a certain age
so s/he could be treated early. Then everyone in the society would be
happy? I can’t foretell whether anyone would be happy after that, but
I can be certain that we won’t have a term called Inventor as this
community would be withering till disappear pretty soon. And soon
enough we will become a backward city, and wondering why we are so
backward with a huge sum of funding on education. We would then lock
forever in the rat race, thank to advancement of medical science. It
would indeed a miracle if this doesn’t happen. And unfortunately
medical science doesn’t have a cure on that yet, or maybe we are not
paying them enough!

I am grated that this regime of terror is not yet there when I was
born. Who is going to write: 2005, the big brother in white suit?




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